This was a wedding full of love that I loved being a part of.

A 1920’s themed wedding of Mostefa & Blaise at the Brighton Registry Office followed by a fantastic party in Rottingdean. And what better way to start your wedding day by spending it getting ready and having a thoroughly girlie morning with your 2 besties? I could feel the love in the air as these ladies prepared their best friend for the biggest day of her life. In matching love heart outfits the 3 of the them looked amazing before they’d even got dressed up. The atmosphere was relaxed but with a fizzle of excitement as Eleni took on the role of make-up artist whilst they sipped their champagne. She did a fantastic job, a new career as a make up artist if lighting doesn’t work out maybe? 🙂

After a spot of breakfast in the sun in the garden it was time to dance around the kitchen to get the party atmosphere going. If felt like the girls were getting ready for a night out and not for a wedding they were so relaxed. But that is all down to the amazing bride and her attention to detail in her planning. Everything had meticulously been planned and taken care of, so that on the day, Blaise new she had nothing to worry about. In the background her team of helpers had made sure that all the details Blaise had planned were put into action… with the help of some spreadsheets!

The bridesmaids – Eleni & George – changed into their stunning 1920’s dresses, before helping Blaise into her fabulous wedding dress and they were all set to go.

Down at the Brighton Town Hall, Moushe and his sons were looking splendid in their eye catching 3 piece suits. A glamorous group of guests were excitedly waiting for the arrival of the bride. And what a sight they all were. Many guests had gone to town on the 1920’s theme and really looked the part.

There is an beautiful room for the bride to do her final preparations in, after meeting with the registrar. A time for last minute adjustments, reflection, calming your nerves and catching your breathe. Then it’s time for the moment the bride and groom have been planning for over a year. It was an emotional ceremony. I always think it’s a privilege being a wedding photographer and having a front row seat to every emotion and every detail of a wedding. I am the only person that is fortunate enough to see the wedding from every angle. The bride getting ready, the groom nervously waiting, the tears of joy the couple shed and love beaming from the faces of the guests. That’s why it’s so important to capture all these moments so that the couple can relive their day over and over again. To enjoy the moments they might have missed and remember the special moments they had. If you are thinking of getting married at the Brighton Town Hall, the council have a very useful document with all the details, to download go here: Brighton Town Hall Wedding Brochure

A brisk stroll through town, onto the bus and off to the picturesque Rudyard Kipling Gardens for some wedding photos and then it was party time! An impressive marque sat in the middle of the privately owed field in Rottingdean. Blaise had made sure that everything was perfect and in keeping with her 1920s theme. A band played whilst the guests sipped on bubbles and ate canapés before the main meal of a magnificent hog roast. 1920s pictures and details adorned every corner of the marque. Luckily the guests had just sat down to eat when the heavens opened and the thunderstorm rumbled above us. That only added to the drama and emotion of the speeches from Blaise’s step-dad, Moushe and his sons. Tears of laughter and of emotion as all 3 gave heart felt speeches. Moushe had everyone in tears as his love and devotion to his new bride was clear for everyone to see. Then it was on to the girls. Blaises’ amazing bridesmaids had decided (probably over a glass of wine) that they would do something different from the norm. So instead of normal speech, they belted out their remake of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ cleverly changing all the words to describe Blaise and their friendship as ‘The 3 Amigos’. Not to be left out it was then the turn of the new mother-in-law who read out hilarious extracts from Blaise’s wedding gift to Moushe “B’s Manual”. I’m going to have to get a copy of that for my husband! Moushe romanced his new bride on the dance floor before breaking into some killer moves and the party had properly started… cue the dancing, bring on the gin, kick off the heels…

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What The Client Thought…

Natasha thank you so much for you absolutely stunning photos, Mostefa & I love them! You have captured our day just perfectly.We absolutely LOVED having you as our wedding photographer. You are so right about us being so relaxed I think the bubbles really helped that & being so well supported by my best friends & bridesmaids extraordinaire Eleni & George. So glad we chose you to do our photos. B xx

Blaise Beda
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